Chairman’s Message

It’s my honour to serve as chairman and CEO of the World Wagyu Council. We are the International Wagyu Association comprised of Wagyu associations in countries around the world. We are committed to cooperation, which simply means working together to promote the integrity and value of the Wagyu breed worldwide.

Our members have common beliefs. We honour the Japanese for their creation of this extraordinary breed of cattle. We recognize and embrace the advances in technology and science to further Wagyu’s potential. We are committed to sharing ideas and creating efficient ways to trade Wagyu genetics and knowledge between member countries.

The biggest thrill that I have as chairman is listening to the exchanges between our members. Our members represent some of the most knowledgeable, successful and forward thinkers in the cattle industry. It reminds me of what President John F. Kennedy once said when he was entertaining Nobel Peace Laureates at the White House. He said (and I paraphrase), “there hasn’t been this much intellectual capacity in the White House since Thomas Jefferson dined alone.” All kidding aside, our conference calls and the intellectual exchanges between our members are extraordinary. Our members represent the best thinkers in the Wagyu industry and are absolutely committed to realizing Wagyu’s potential in the world.

As our Association develops initiatives, programs, research projects, and networking opportunities we will take the Wagyu breed to its well-deserved prominence as the highest quality of cattle and protein the world has to offer.


Pete Eshelman