Elandri de Bruyn – Secretariat

Elandri started working for the Wagyu Society of South Africa in 2019. After completing her Masters degree in Animal Science Production Physiology and Product Quality at the University of Pretoria. She started her career working closely with the late Dr Michael Bradfield who was the CEO of the Society at the time. Her role was as technical advisor to the Society, focusing on carcass quality. She spent a lot of her time with the Society carcass cameras grading Wagyu carcasses.

Elandri was appointed as the COO of the Society since February 2022. Making her the first female Breed Director of the Society. Through her work with carcass grading, she has become passionate about the Wagyu industry. The Wagyu Society of South Africa has held the position of Secretariate since hosting the last World Wagyu Conference in 2020. The position will be handed over to the next World Wagyu Conference host, the American Wagyu Association in 2023.